Thanks for logging on to Jon4Pink.com. I'm Jon Kent, Real Estate Broker/Associate with A Paradise Realty in Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island, Florida. At 58 years old, I'd like to give back to my community and do some good in the world!

     I've decided to work at increasing breast cancer awareness and aid research and education. I don't know many families who have not been touched by breast cancer. It seems we all know someone who has done battle with this disease! Breast cancer does not discriminate. Yes, even men can be affected! It is all around us. The key to surviving is early detection of the disease and treatment.

     My own family has experienced this dreadful disease. My youngest sister is a 13 year breast cancer survivor. My wife Lee's mother, sister and aunt are breast cancer survivors. My mother had surgery for breast cancer 40 years ago when treatments were radical, and she's a survivor. Since then, great strides in treatment have been made due to the hard work of countless people. The dollars received in donations help fund medical research and educate the public about breast cancer. Breast cancer education, research and awareness does work. It has made a difference in so many lives!

     It is very important to help spread the word about early detection to save lives. I've created this website to give those folks who would like to help; a starting point to learn about breast cancer, research and education. The goal is to educate as many people as we can about early detection. You will find a list of some good organizations and their websites on this page.

But Jon, Where Do You Come In?

     I plan on using my real estate business to increase donations to the local chapters of these fine organizations. From my proceeds of each real estate closing (every sale of a house or condo) I participate in as the buying or selling broker, I will make a donation to one of the organizations listed here. My goal is to personally raise $5,000 this year by spreading the word about breast cancer awareness! Will you help me reach my goal?

Jon’s Credo-
“Tell the truth and be honest.
When you’re in business, you should have only one thing on your mind,
And that is, helping your customer.”

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Log on to these other sites:
Learn about breast cancer through awareness and education. Get your family and friends involved. Let's work together to bring early detection to everyone! Make a donation if you can. These organizations will be grateful for your donations and make good use of the money. Drop me an email at: Jon@Jon4RealEstate.com. Let me know what you think. Thank you for reading and joining me in the quest to help others.

Jon Kent

2009 - Relay For Life
Read Article from Islander Newspaper, Click Here

October 11, 2008 - Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk
Click Here for info...

Garage Sale April 11th, 2008 for the 3 day walk for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure...

The Garage Sale had a big turnout.

Jon presents a donation
check from a recent sale of a home in Bradenton.

'08 Relay for Life
Jon makes a donation of $1232.00, from proceeds of recent real estate closings, to the American Cancer Society Relay For Life walk on May 31, 2008. The walk was held at Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island and raised money for research, education, advocacy and patient service programs. Pictured with Jon is Kimberly Borsheim, Manatee County Community Representative, for the American Cancer Society.

View Pictures from The 4th Of July Parade, The Pink Mobile!

Here are some other worthwhile organizations:
Breast Cancer Research Foundation
American-Italian Cancer Foundation
National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.
Living Beyond Breast Cancer
Young Survival Coalition
Community Breast Health Project
Breast Cancer Action
The Rose
Breast Cancer Fund
Prevent Cancer Foundation
Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute
John Wayne Cancer Institute
American Breast Cancer Foundation
The Cancer Center for Detection and Prevention
National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund
Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation
Walker Cancer Research Institute
Strang Cancer Prevention Center
Positive BCA

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